April 16, 2020

Profile: Ivan Potocnik


Ivan Potocnik lives in Marcy, NY and works as a Lead Programmer/Analyst at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. He largely spends his off time working on projects as a freelance Web Architect.

Ivan is an unabashed nerd. When he’s not nose-deep (and a big nose it is) in technology for work, he obsesses over things like Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games, board games, video games, virtual reality, building ill-conceived and poorly executed carpentry projects, Star Trek, spoopy horror films, books, and other token artifacts of 21st-century geekery. Get a life, am I right? Ivan also (very generously) considers himself a musician, and plays a handful of instruments haphazardly. It probably goes without saying that Ivan is a 3D printing enthusiast, and is generally passionate about technology.

“… what do you mean I have to give you a quote? Wait… is this it?”

Wait. What?