April 16, 2020

Profile: Toni DiPalma


Toni lives in Albany NY, but has her roots in Oneonta NY. She works full time as a revolutionary and grassroots organizer, while also attending UAlbany for Political Science.

Toni’s interests range from creating abstract art to attending concerts. You can usually find her watching a documentary or starting a conversation with friends about social justice or how we can all be working together to change our communities for the better. Some of her hobbies include: traveling, writing poetry, community events at the Social Justice Center in Albany, and going to poetry slams/open mics around the capital region.

Toni is the Communications Director for RIST 3D; which really means she handles all of the “talking” for the tech guys on the RIST3D team.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.”